About Kauakea

Energy Healer and Astrologer

Kauakea Winston is a western astrologer and energy healer who has been teaching at Sacred Path Healing School since 2004. As the assistant director of 3 year program, she flys back and forth to O'ahu monthly from the Big island. Her approach to astrology is in finding compassion for oneself and one another for this earthly journey. She offers energy and sound healing primarily focusing on the chakra system and combining astrology with the teachings of Sacred Path Healing school. She offers her services on both islands as well as via "Zoom" video conferencing. 

Kauakea has lived in Hawaii for over 40 years and is the mother of two amazing kids, Alea and Sam. She loves being a tutu to Ke'ohi, Alea's son. She lives with her husband Geno Bergmann, a well know stone artist and her two furry pets in Honoka'a on the Big island. She is also a professional photographer.

Booking services

Feel free to call or email us to book our services. Many of the offerings below also have a Pay Pal link to purchase your reading or healing service.

Kauakeaʻs offerings

Energy and Sound Healing Treatments in Honoka'a or Honolulu

Kauakea is graduate and the assistant director of Sacred Path Healing School, located in Honolulu. Treatments assess Chakra health and weave in astrology as well as help clear other emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues.


Astrology Reading in Honoka'a or Honolulu

One hour individual reading : Natal chart, Transits, Progressions or Travel Astro-cartography using rich visual aids. This session is recorded.


Distance Energy Healing sessions with Astrology

I have been trained through Sacred Path Healing School and have done long distance remote healings for many years. By combining this with an understanding of the astrology chart as well as various stress factors, clients receive great benefit.


Resonance Repatterning Sessions

What is Resonance Repatterning? 

It is a process that works with the self-healing energy within your body-mind system. Reset negative patterns at their core. This is an interactive session with intentions and other modalities. It can be done over the phone or in person.


Online Astrology Readings

Kauakea uses the online program "Zoom" to record her readings. You will be sent a video of the recording with a view of your chart and the audio of the session. $85

Couples readings

Truly understand your partner at the most fundamental level. Create a more loving compassionate response through this reading. This reading can be done in person or via Zoom