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Healing Resource Hawaii

Big island Retreats

Each summer we offer our Sisters of Spirit retreat on the north shore of the Big island in Honoka'a. The theme is photography and healing. Come join us for our next retreat on June 23-29th, 2019!

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Astrology ~ Compassion in Action

Kauakea Winston offers Western Astrology readings in Person and online via easy to use 'Zoom' video conferencing. Her approach is in finding compassion for self and others through understanding the cosmos and its ever moving rhythms.

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Energy Healing and Massage

Alea Backus and Kauakea Winston offer a variety of treatments to enhance your health and create the balance you are seeking in life including Energy Healing, Astrology readings and Massage therapy

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Kauakea's Chakra class feedback

Kauakea is an amazing energy healer and teacher. Her energy healing classes give a deeper understanding of the energies of the universe running through our bodies. She creates a safe compassionate container to explore our inner world, the defense patterns, whatever energies get stuck and want to be released. In that light she gives a deeper insight in the depths of our body, the energies running through and whatever happens in the invisible, which is very tangible and at the same time so hard to define. I love the way she uses playful, creative tools to makes the unseen tangible and bringing it into our conscious perception.  I highly recommend her class. Mahalo nui loa! ~ Genevieve B.

Kauakea's Astrology classes

I am in the midst of an astrology class with Kauakea and it's a wonderful journey! Recently in class, I learned that I need to step out of the "mundane world" and I feel like this class is the helping me accomplish that. I have gone to a few classes at Kauakea's beautiful and relaxing healing hale while another classmate joins us electronically.  Recently I have been so busy at work that I would have been late to, or missed class but I was also able to take advantage of joining the class electronically, from home! Kauakea has been accommodating and encouraging of my weekly, last minute decisions to embrace technology.  It's wonderful to be able to zoom home from work, make a cup of coffee, grab a snack, get in comfy clothes, grab my book and my computer, and enjoy class. I'm learning by getting to know my own chart and also the charts of classmates. It's fascinating and fun! She is explains astrology in a language that I can understand and it has already aided me in having a better understanding of the people around me. ~ Brandy B.

Resonance Repatterning & Astrology

The healings offered for nearly every life condition truly bring about repatterning of inner and outer life systems. I've recently been receiving Resonance Repatterning sessions covering patterns instilled in childhood to present day influences affecting my health and well being.  Wow, very powerful and specific work. Instant and ongoing benefits have included strategies for dealing with over-independence, physical  "asanas" for calming over stimulated nervous system, and affirmations for directing mind into new healthy patterns of thought and actions.  Also have taken advantage of the many astrology offerings, birth charts, couples charts, now planning on getting cartography chart- where in the  world is my love life most likely to flourish, inquiring minds will  find out soon! Thank you Kauakea and the Healing Resourse Team! -  Happily Healing Otter

Natal Chart Astrology Reading

I cannot thank Kauakea enough for my natal chart reading!  Although I love astrology, I did not know anything past my sun sign is Scorpio with rising sign Cancer.  Kauakea took the time to explain to me in depth  what each symbol meant and their positive and negative aspects, in a way that was easy to understand.  The reading with Kauakea revealed what astrological goodness makes up Emi in such a gentle, yet fun way.  Things I've known about myself but questioned "why" were validated and explained with such compassion and understanding. Through the reading, Kauakea helped me to know my Soul on a deeper more intimate level and I cannot be more grateful.  For all those on their  path, I highly recommend a reading with Kauakea; she gives you all that you need to know astrologically to connect you to yourself and bring you closer to your true purpose. 

Mahalo nui loa,

Progressed Astrology reading

For my birthday, I had a "progress" reading of my astrology chart by Kauakea Winston. This type of reading looks at the year ahead to provide a road map. When I started to go through a rough patch recently, I was comforted because I could turn to this recorded reading. It enabled me to get more perspective so that I did not panic. Kauakea is very insightful, articulate and skilled at astrology. Her way of explaining  things, even if they don't seem evident at the moment, is particularly useful. I called to tell her what a great help her reading was! I am sure I will turn to it again as things continue to unfold throughout this pivotal year. Thank you, dear friend! Aloha, Susanne Sims

Retreats in Hawaii


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Healing Resource Hawaii

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